Noblesville Dentist Addresses Your Oral Health Issues

While most of our patients visit us twice a year for their dental check-ups, many more may never come in between those two appointments unless they are experiencing pain. There are some other common oral health ailments that don’t necessarily bring pain, but that you should still visit your Noblesville dentist for. Here are just a few:


Dry Mouth:

Patients who experience dry mouth often think it is normal and not an issue. A lack of saliva, or decrease in saliva production, can make patients vulnerable to tooth decay and gum disease. If you suspect a medication you are currently on is causing your dry mouth, please bring it to Dr. Johnston's attention.


Jaw Discomfort:

If you are experiencing a clicking jaw or any pain in your jaw – schedule an appointment today! Jaw noises and / or pain can be the early warning signs of serious jaw issues!


Teeth Grinding:

Many patients grind or clench their jaws when they are stressed out, and some even do it in their sleep! If you are grinding your teeth, discuss it with your Noblesville dentist as you can severely alter your dental health!


If you, or a family member, is experiencing any of the problems above, contact Noblesville Family Dentistry, the number 1 dental office around, by calling (317) 773-1302 today!