Fishers area dentist proudly offers three methods of tooth replacement


Patients in Fishers, IN and the surrounding area interested in replacing missing teeth with a quality dentist are encouraged to contact Noblesville Family Dentistry. Dr. Derrick A. Johnston and his team of professionals work closely with patients to help them make a decision in regards to restorations for the smiles. His practice offers the three primary methods of replacement including dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants.



A denture is a removable restoration made with acrylic and sometimes metal to slide into the dental arch to replace one tooth or all of them. There are two types which include partials and full. Partials are made with metal framework and slip into the dental arch to replace one or more teeth. Full dentures are those used to replace an entire arch. These are sometimes held in place with dental implants for optimum stabilization. These are known as implant-supported dentures.


Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are restorations fabricated from porcelain which include pontics for replacement teeth fused to crowns on each end. The crowns are bonded onto the adjacent teeth where the gap is present to provide an anchor for the restoration. Dental bridges are more permanent than dentures but are not as costly as dental implants, making them a great middle-of-the-road solution for many patients.


Dental Implants

The best method of replacement is with dental implants. However, not everyone is an appropriate candidate for these titanium posts. Patients require sufficient bone structure for successful placement of an implant. Implants can last a lifetime with proper care, making them the ideal investment for missing teeth from the smile.


Dr. Derrick A. Johnston of Noblesville Family Dentistry is proud to service patients in and around the area of Fishers, Indiana. This dentist has committed his career to helping others with their dental health. If tooth replacement is at the forefront of your mind, now is the time to make an appointment with the team at Noblesville Family Dentistry for further information regarding dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants. Call today at (317) 773-1302 or visit us at 455 Sheridan Road. We are always welcoming new patients into our practice, as well as existing families.