Stay Updated with Your Nobleville Dentist's Archived Dental Blogs

We here at Noblesville Family Dentistry strive to ensure that each and every patient is getting the dental treatment that they deserve. Dr. Johnston and his staff at his Carmel and Noblesville dental office work together to make patients happy with their treatment and proud to share their smile with their friends and family.


Below, we've listed our archived blogs from 2015, including the topics for each month available. If you have any questions regarding the blogs, our procedures, or would like to schedule your routine appointment, don't hesitate to call our office today at (317) 773-1302. We can't wait to hear from you!



March 2015

  • Benefits of Flossing
  • The Bruxism Burden


April 2015

  • Taking Care of Your Toothbrush
  • Damaging Drinks
  • Oldest Known Toothache
  • Naturally Whitening Foods
  • How You Eat Affects Your Teeth


May 2015

  • Treating Sensitive Teeth
  • Dry Mouth Relief
  • At-Home Teeth Whitening Rumors
  • Tips Your Dentist Wants to Share


June 2015

  • The Founder of Dentistry
  • What's Eating You? Acidity
  • Gluten-Free Toothpastes
  • Benefits of Smiling


July 2015

  • Top Ways to Whiten
  • Best Brushing Techniques
  • When to Floss or Not to Floss?
  • Safer Snacks for Your Teeth
  • Negatives of Nail Biting


August 2015

  • Strengthen Teeth On-the-Go
  • In Case of Emergency
  • Dangers of DIY Dentistry


September 2015

  • Bad Habits to Avoid
  • Tips for a Successful Visit
  • What's On My Tongue?
  • Mouthwash Facts


December 2015

  • Diabetics Have Higher Tooth Loss Risks
  • Do I Have Gum Disease?
  • Dental Difficulties on the Holidays