Start The Year Off Right with Dr. Johnston!

At our Noblesville dental office, we often see a slight surge in younger patients and their parents coming in for exams and cleanings just before school and during spring break. As many of our staff members are also parents- we get it. Why add dental visits to the long list of things you will be getting into during the school year when it can be taken care of ahead of time? Send your child back to school with a bright and healthy smile for picture day and beyond.


We also know that not every child, or parent, will always be thrilled about coming to see us. With that in mind, below we have provided some tips for you that may make your child’s next visit a little bit easier and enjoyable for everyone involved!


-Take note of what time you make an appointment for. If younger children have to come visit us when they would usually be taking a nap or older children at the end of a long school/work/activities day, they not be as thrilled about their appointment. Also, as mentioned above, spring and September can be hectic at the office. Book your next visit well in advance to get the optimal time slot for you.


-Give your child a light snack before coming to the office. Anything too big can become a gagging risk, so avoid a full-fledged meal. This is just to hold them over till after their appointment, for we don’t suggest they eat anything right after their cleaning. Make sure they brush their teeth before coming into the office for their visit as well!


-If you have an older child, try to see if they would be willing to go first at the appointment. This can set a good precedent for the younger one. Also, if you, as the parent, deal with some dental fear or anxiety- try not to let it show. Encourage your child to ask questions to us and to become more familiar with our staff so the chances of anxiety about the dentist diminish as they grow older.


For more information on this topic, or to schedule your child’s next visit with our Noblesville dental office- call us today at (317) 773-1302.