Fishers Dentist Provides Dental Habits that Harm Your teeth that Should be Avoided


Everybody has a bad habit that’s hard to quit, whether it’s biting your pen caps or your fingernails. Even though you may practice good oral hygiene like brushing and flossing twice a day, there are still ways that you could be harming your teeth with these habits. Your Fishers dentist wants patients to know what to avoid in order to further protect their dental health from danger.


Teeth Grinding
This may be an unconscious habit, along with something that you do in your sleep, so how could you possibly know? Some signs would be an aching jaw or a toothache in the morning, but you can’t visually see anything wrong. Most people grind their teeth when they’re sleeping or if they’re experiencing intense stress or anxiety. When you grind, your teeth are being worn down into small nubs, causing sensitivity and difficulty eating and drinking.


Aggressive Brushing
A myth is that the faster you brush, the cleaner you’re making your teeth. Unfortunately, this isn’t true—you’re actually harming your teeth more than you know. Your teeth are sensitive, so tough brushing is going to harm your enamel, the surface of your teeth that protects the dentin on the inside. This also goes for tough-bristled brushes—avoid them at all costs! Using soft-bristled brushes will have your teeth saying thank you.


Chewing Ice
This is a popular bad habit because it’s extremely common for people to chew on ice to kill the time, like at a restaurant. The harsh cold temperature of the ice, along with the tough texture can crack, chip, and fracture your teeth. Putting your teeth under such stress can easily destroy them. Crushed ice is much easier on your teeth, but should still be avoided.


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