Noblesville Dental Office Discusses Band Instruments & Your Oral Health

With school just around the corner, your child may be contemplating learning a musical instrument. Music is a great way to express creativity and channel energy, but some risks need to be considered as well. Some options might cause problems with your kid’s jaw, mouth and teeth. 
You keep your home clean and teach your children to wash their hands. Why? Because you know how dangerous bacteria is. With that in mind, you rarely think about the number of bacteria in a child’s musical instrument. 
Both wind and brass instruments are like incubators for molds, bacteria and yeast. This leads to asthma and other illnesses. 
To prevent this, you must ensure that the instruments are regularly cleaned. This can’t be a simple cleaning, it must be in-depth to ensure your child’s health.
Lip and Tooth Trauma
With brass and wind instruments, players must hold the device against their lips. This persistent pressure might cause trouble on the lip tissue and teeth.
It’s also possible for children to end up with sores after playing. In fact, woodwind players tend to have an outbreak twice as often as those who don’t play an instrument. Look for a soft acrylic guard to offset some pressure. 
Head and Neck Trauma
You might think that a stringed instrument is a better option because it doesn’t touch the mouth. While there are no bacteria involved, you must consider the positioning of the player. Holding a violin isn’t good for the chin, neck or face. They’ve even been linked to cross-bites and overbites.
Picking the Right Instrument
Talk to your dentist to determine what’s right for your child. The music teacher will also be able to provide guidance based on the child’s weight, size, finger and hand strength as well as tooth structure. It’s possible to protect your kid from mouth damage while allowing them to explore their creative side as well – it just requires some additional precautions.
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