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Here at Noblesville Family Dentistry, your Carmel dental office, we believe that at-home, preventative oral health care is as important, if not more so, than whenever you come in and see us. In addition to brushing twice daily, the most overlooked practice you could be engaging in is once daily flossing.


Many patients do not know, but by not flossing you are missing the cleaning of about 35% of your mouth! That’s right! You wouldn’t want your car, bedroom or significant other to only be 2/3rds clean all the time- so why would you want your mouth to be?


Below we have gathered some benefits of flossing once daily for you to consider. The most obvious advantages, and how most of these benefits intersect is that they help you avoid or prevent certain things from happening. Please visit our FAQ section to gain more knowledge on proper flossing technique if need be.


The prevention of gum disease, as well as teeth decay, is a crucial piece of whole-mouth health, but not always the easiest to achieve. By not flossing, you could be leaving behind certain bacteria in hard to reach places that can produce acids that eat away at teeth, leaving you exposed to problems such as sensitivity or cavities. If these cavities persevere, you could be looking at having a root canal performed, or even worse, a tooth removed- thus resulting in more money you have to spend. These very same bacteria can even lead to issues concerning the gums, the supportive tissue and bone that keep the teeth in place. The breakdown of the gum tissue, known as periodontitis, can result in loss of teeth or structure, amongst other severe gum issues and even other non-dental diseases.


A lack of flossing has also been correlated to other bodily ailments, such as heart disease, diabetes and respiratory issues. As it relates to heart disease, the number one cause of death in the United States, the bacteria in your teeth can enter the blood stream via un-flossed pockets around the gums, and make its way to the heart, clogging blood vessels and doing more damage on its voyage.


As it turns out, the benefits can be much more substantial than any of us have thought. By taking just a few minutes a day to floss properly you could be adding years to your life to share your gorgeous smile. Call our Carmel dentist office at (317) 773-1302 to discuss your flossing habits or to make an appointment sure to keep your smile shining for years to come. 





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