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Going to the dentist is not only going to improve your oral health, but it can also improve your overall health! If you’re comfortable with your teeth, then you’re more likely to smile. By smiling, you can not only make yourself happy, but healthy. Wondering how smiling can make you healthy? Your Fishers Dentist, Dr. Johnston, is here to tell you more about the benefits of smiling.


When you’re smiling, you’re stretching the muscles in your face that reach either just around your mouth, or reaching all the way to the muscles near your eyes. There is the saying that it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, and while they use around the same amount of muscles, it requires less energy and effort to smile than it does to frown.


Smiling also releases endorphins in your body, which are the same chemicals you get from working out, which also give you more energy. You’re able to be more productive given more energy and push through the day!


While pushing through the day, continue to smile. There are countless, stressful moments within a person’s day-to-day schedule, so it’s easy to have your day ruined by something that may be small and trivial. During these stressful moments, it’s recommended to sit back, take a deep breath, and smile. The physical act of smiling will mentally and physical calm you, even though you may not be particularly happy at the time. The tension will roll right off your shoulders!


Overall, smiling is contagious! It’s highly likely that, if you smile that someone, they’ll return that smile. Not only are you relieving your own stress, you may be relieving someone else’s too!


Perhaps you’re embarrassed about your smile, but going to your Fishers dentist can enhance your grin and brighten your day, along with others! Contact Dr. Johnston and his office at this number (317) 773-1302 or request an appointment here!




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