Dentist Noblesville IN Discusses Tooth Loss


Oh no! You've lost a tooth! Your first thought may be that tooth loss is no big deal. Once you start to experience the pitfalls of living without all of your teeth, though, you may have one blaring thought in your head, "bring it back!."


According to statistics, more than 30 percent of the adults in our country are missing at least one tooth. If you are one of them, we can only say that you are living in the best possible time in history for this problem to occur. Just over half a century ago, tooth loss meant getting a partial denture or a dental bridge. Depending on the state of your oral health and extent of tooth loss, it could mean having to wear dentures for the rest of your life. Though these methods of treatment serve a purpose, they are limited in what they can do.


Here's Why

A partial denture is not fixed. This means it may feel slightly unstable when you chew. A fixed bridge may feel more secure, but it places stress on two healthy teeth (not to mention the need for reduction) in order to maintain chewing function. Need we even go into the downside to full dentures? Without any support whatsoever, these fixtures provide minimal stability for chewing, at best.


How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Tooth Loss

Clearly, the best way to avoid the consequences of tooth loss is to take really good care of your teeth so you don't lose any. That being said, there are situations in which the problem simply cannot be avoided (say, if you have a run in with a basketball going Mock-10).  The other way to maintain optimal function when you don't have all of your natural teeth is to have your dentist in Noblesville IN restore the structure that is needed for stable chewing. We do this with dental implants.


Dental implants go beyond the mere task of replacing missing teeth. These tiny posts fill in for the natural roots that have gone missing. After they are situated, implants are surrounded by bone. It takes a few months, but the fusion between bone and implants recreates the foundation that exists with natural teeth. And what this does is truly remarkable.


Would you like to have your replacement teeth feel like those you used to have? They can when they are stabilized with implants! Schedule a visit with us to learn more by calling (317) 773-1302.