Noblesville Dentist Shares Common Causes of Stains on Teeth

Everyone desires a healthy, white smile. It gives us confidence and we are happier as a result. Here are some things that cause stains on your teeth and how to avoid them.
Common Culprits of Stained Teeth
Teeth commonly become stained as the result of products such as red wine, coffee, tea and soda. If you drink these items often, you need to brush your teeth to remove the agents leading to stains. Otherwise, those stains absorb below the surface of the tooth and lead to discoloration.
Some of the foods that lead to staining include:
Soy sauce
In addition to this, staining is caused by tobacco products and sometimes from antibiotics.
Tips to Reduce Staining
Here are a few tips that help to reduce stains on the teeth.
Watch what you eat. Avoid any foods or drinks that stain whenever possible. If you do consume them, be sure to brush your teeth promptly.
Eat a nutritious diet. By eating good-for-you foods, your teeth will remain healthy. This also allows your gums and teeth to stay healthy and white.
Brush after every meal. This removes the food particles left over plus any plaque and tartar. It also eliminates surface stains.
Stop smoking. This includes the use of chewing tobacco, cigars, pipes and cigarettes.
Use whitening treatments. If your teeth are already stained, use a cosmetic whitener. This can be done with over-the-counter products or in your dental office with professional treatment.
Visit your Noblesville dentist for regular checkups. By attending your appointments twice a year, you have access to diagnostic measures plus deep cleanings that keep your teeth white. Your hygienist is skilled at removing stubborn plaque and tartar to give your teeth a white, vibrant look. The dentist also examines your teeth for any issues that might lead to trouble later.
By maintaining a sparkling smile, you’ll feel better about yourself. Then, you’ll want to greet everyone you meet. That’s why it’s so important to keep your teeth free of stains. Visit your Noblesville dentist to get some more advice on how to ensure a healthy, white smile.