Fishers Dentist Spill The Truth

Your Fishers dentist feels that in this day and age, it is pretty difficult to argue against the adverse effect of sugar and acids as they relate to dental health. For years, just as they do in other industries, certain big corporations have used advertising to hide the fact that what they are selling you may not be as “healthy” as they promote it to be. One of the main culprits of this, that we see damage from every day, are sugary and acidic drinks and beverages. This blog was composed to explain the effects of these beverages on the teeth as well as to expose their more “hidden” side.


The first thing to understand is how exactly these drinks and their contents can harm the teeth. By the nature of our diets, we have bacteria that live in our mouth that feed off of sugars. In keeping them supplied with these sugars, they can eventually cause cavities or decay to develop in our teeth. Couple this with acid wear (high levels of citric and related acids usually being found in the same beverages) on the enamel, which protects the teeth, and the process can be expedited. Although drinking water to wash away leftover particles, and maintaining a regular at-home cleaning regimen can eliminate these bacteria- you can’t always wipe them all out, and over time the detriment can be great.


No matter if it is a flavored water, energy drink, sports drink or related beverage- it could have these damaging contents and results inside.  The company who wants you to buy this beverage to fuel your workout or quench your thirst may make a point to brag about all of the nutrients and vitamins, but none of the bad stuff.


And why? Because they really don’t have to. Typically the only way to spot these contents is by looking at the “Nutrition Facts” label on the back of the packaging, which not everyone does. Convenience, flavor, and perceived benefits usually trump the long-term effects and analysis of a product, which is just human, but something to consider. As a Fishers dentist, we just wanted our patients to be aware and allow them to think critically the next time they take a sip.


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