Fishers Dentist describes Dental Filling

If you have minor defects in your teeth that you’d like to correct, tooth filling, also known as dental contouring, can be done by your dentist. Filling your teeth can certainly improve their appearance. It’s common for patients to have their teeth filed/contoured after they’ve undergone teeth straightening methods like braces or veneers. Some people file their own teeth using emery board. However, the result looks very flat. Our teeth need contouring for a more natural appearance.


What Is Dental Filling/Contouring?

Tooth filling, also known as dental contouring, is a cosmetic procedure that smooths the outer covering of tooth (enamel) in order to alter the tooth’s length, shape, or surface.


What's involved in the procedure?

Tooth filling is done using abrasion techniques or dental instruments. Your dentist may take Dental X-rays before filling/contouring to make sure your teeth are healthy. To eliminate the flaws on the surface of your teeth and to contour the sides, dentists use a sandpaper-like device. Finally, your teeth are smoothed.



●     It’s not costly.

Tooth filling/contouring is a low-cost way of improving your teeth. The cost depends on the condition of your teeth.

●     It’s painless.

Only the surface enamel is removed from your tooth in dental filling. So, it’s basically painless. It requires no anesthesia.



●       You may be at risk of tooth damage.

Depending on the amount of enamel removed, your teeth can develop sensitivity afterwards. And if excessive enamel is eliminated, you can be at risk for tooth damage.

●       Change is just subtle.

Dental filling/contouring may not dramatically transform your smile. You may have to opt with dental veneers for a more evident smile makeover. Dental filling/contouring procedure only eliminates small imperfections.


Final Thoughts

Dental filling/contouring is a cosmetic dentistry procedure that deals with subtle transformation to the surface of your teeth. Nevertheless, these little changes can already make a big difference. Dental problems or imperfections such as irregularly shaped teeth, excessively pointy cuspids, or tiny chips in your teeth can be simply corrected with tooth filling/contouring procedure.