Your Fishers area Dentist helps you Design your Best Smile


There are so many ways to which we can add to our appearance - and humans have become innately good at them! We color and style hair, smooth away lines and wrinkles, select the latest fashions, and even dress up our cell phones as accessories! According to research, one of the best things that we can do to solidify an attractive appearance is to manage the look of our teeth. If you are in the Fishers area, you will find a dentist who can help you design your best smile at Noblesville Family Dentistry. Dr. Johnston and our friendly staff approach each concern with compassion and an eye for natural beauty.


Cosmetic dentistry is an exciting field in which we get to collaborate with patients to achieve the exact look they have always wanted. Sometimes, treatment is fast and simple. Other times, we take a few visits to discuss, plan, prepare, and perform cosmetic work. In the end, it is your satisfaction with your smile that matters the most.


Teeth Whitening

Stains on clothing can be annoying. Stains on your teeth can be downright embarrassing. The fact is, though, that most of us will wake up one day and notice that our teeth have become dull or discolored. This doesn't happen overnight; it takes years for the enamel to become stained. What happens is that day after day, tiny molecules from our favorite foods are absorbed into the pores of enamel. They become trapped here and affect how much light can reflect off of the surface. Discoloration is an easy concern to correct. Whether you choose to have us do the work during an hour-long whitening process in our office, or you choose to do the work at home by wearing custom-fit trays with peroxide gel, you can enjoy a level of white you never dreamed possible.



If you love the color of your teeth but hate that chip or gap, we can reconnect you with your best smile by covering the problem tooth or teeth with lifelike porcelain veneers. These thin "skins" of porcelain are made to the exact size, shape, and color you want. When we have perfected the specifics, veneers are bonded to enamel. Your transformed smile requires very little special care; just go easy on your teeth, don't use them to open packages or chew on your pen cap! With gentle care, your veneers can last decades.


Are you ready to create your masterpiece? Let's discuss your options for cosmetic dentistry!

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