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The field of dentistry is an ever-changing one. And the main focus behind these evolutions and changes in products is the patient. Every patient is an individual, their teeth individual cases and their circumstances unique.


As the frequent reader of our Carmel dentist office blog may notice, we like to mention and advise our patients in how their diet can affect their oral health quite regularly. Well today, taking cues from that, we will be discussing gluten-free diets and lifestyles, specifically gluten-free toothpaste and products and how they could (or could not) benefit your smile.


To quickly sum up gluten-free lifestyles, those who must/should take to this diet are either people with Celiac disease or with an intolerance to gluten. The former means that any intake of gluten, found in wheat, rye and barley, can cause unbelievably terrible digestive discomfort and issues. The later will see some of the side-effects of these issues from gluten, but not the full-fledged force of Celiac. Only about 1% of the population actually has Celiac disease, but due to the perceived benefit of this lifestyle, a lot of people have taken to this diet as well.


As the growth in popularity and demand for something directs markets, a huge flow of products become available. Gluten-free toothpaste is one of these products.


The only way that gluten-free will really differ from regular toothpaste is by the thickening agents that are used in creation. Typically, grain based components are used to give toothpaste their “body,” while in gluten-free options, cotton and other plant-based alternatives are being used and looked into more frequently. The rest of the toothpaste, including any fluoride content and fresh-mouth-keeping ingredients, will be rather similar between the two.


So why choose gluten-free? It’s not like I swallow my toothpaste.


Well, yes…that is true. Unless you have Celiac disease or a high intolerance to gluten, you may not see any negative impact from using a regular toothpaste. Those who choose to participate in this diet to see other benefits of it can still use their standard brand and save a few dollars per tube.


No matter the paste you decide upon, using it responsibly is the most important thing to remember. Make sure to brush twice daily with it and to keep regularly scheduled appointments with our Carmel dentist office by calling (317) 773-1302 to maintain a bright smile for years to come.




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