Fishers Dentist Warns It’s Not Only About What You Eat, But How You Eat

Your Fishers dentist wants you to have the best possible oral health. Our patients play a huge role in determining their own oral health. We ask that patients not only maintain a proper oral health care routine, but also maintain a tooth-friendly diet.


Although what you eat plays a role in your oral health, it’s also about how you eat. The way we consume our food may have surprising impacts on what happens inside our mouths long after we’ve finished a meal. The first tip for protecting your oral health is to slow down when you’re eating. Most people may not even realize that they’re wolfing down their food without even enjoying their meal. It’s not only valuable for the digestion system to chew your food properly but also for your mouth’s health. By eating more slowly, we give our food more time to mingle with saliva, making it more readily digestible in the stomach, but when we eat too fast our food isn’t well broken down, which can lead to poor nutrient absorption. This affects our oral tissues and acid reflux, which is a stomach problem that can affect the teeth.


Another factor to consider is how long you’re keeping certain foods in your mouth. When it comes to sweet or sticky foods, frequency matters just as much as quantity. The longer you keep these kinds of food in your mouth, the longer you’ll be creating acidic conditions for bacteria to metabolize sugar and create acids that will wear away tooth enamel. It’s like subjecting your teeth to a constant state of breakdown.


You may have also heard that sugary sodas and juices can have negative effects on your oral health. We know that these drinks are not always avoidable, so if you’re going to drink sugary drinks and sodas, then the best option is to use a straw. Sipping these drinks with a straw can help to minimize the amount of time they have contact with your teeth. Soda and sugary drinks will wear down and soften your tooth enamel, which contributes to the formation of cavities.


With these tips and tricks for better eating habits, your Fishers dentist hopes that patients will experience better oral health.   




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