Improper Brushing Health Risks

Common problems associated with improper brushing include tooth loss and gum disease. However, there are many more severe complications that may arise from bad brushing habits.
1. Diabetes
It has been a long time that dentists have know that diabetes is a huge risk factors when it comes to periodontitis. But, now researches are beginning to see a link his correlation can go both ways.
Severely poor dental hygiene might also cause a risk factor for insulin resistance, which is also known as pre-diabetes or diabetes. This is largely due to the that diabetes increases inflammation. There have even been some studies that show that in some patients with both conditions, controlling the periodontitis may also help improve control over diabetes.
2. Ulcers
In patients who have been diagnosed with periodontitis, the plaque forms in the pockets below the gums can, over time, become a holding tank for a bacterium known a Helicobacter Pylori, which is the bacterium associated with stomach ulcers, and in some cases cancer. This bacterium is only transmitted orally and there have been many studies that found a link between stomach ulcers and positive tests for the bacteria.
Researchers have come to several different conclusions on the topic. However, the pockets of infection formed during periodontitis are clearly pose a risk to the different types of bacterial growth and infection.
3. Brain Abscess
Often, this is caused by a bacterial infection, or abscess with a lot of swelling and inflammation surrounding it. If this type of infection in the brain is left untreated, it can quickly become a fatal condition. Although this is rare in dentistry, there are still no systematic links between brain abscesses. However, there have been about 12 cases where reports of brain abscesses pointed towards dental hygiene as the most likely cause.
4. Complications During Pregnancy
Gingivitis has been known to after to affect between 60% to 75% of women during pregnancy. Therefore, it is especially important for expecting mothers to tend to their teeth properly. When a pregnant woman develops a serious dental issue, their infants are also at risk to these complications. Many dentists will also recommend more frequent cleanings during pregnancy.
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