Information on Emergency Dental Service in Noblesville

We all know that accidents do not wait for anyone. And a trauma, whether it be induced by a fall, a ball to the face, or other, can end up having dental repercussions. Of course the well-being of you and anyone else involved are the most important thoughts to be considered, but soon you may be caught up in the idea of: “What’s going to happen to my teeth?!”


That is where our emergency dental service in Noblesville comes in. We can help in assessing and treating any dental related injury so that you will be smiling again in no time.


Today we will be covering what you can do in the event that one of the more “common” dental incidents arise. PLEASE head to a hospital or call 9-1-1 for any more severe injury or case.


A fracturing of the teeth is a very common occurrence, unfortunately, when it comes to dental related injuries. In the event you suffer a broken tooth, first finding any large shards of the tooth and gently washing them off is important. Do not scrub to remove any tissue from the tooth, as these can be essential in our office performing restorations. Make sure to wash your mouth out with warm water to get all the loose, sharp shards out from your oral cavity. Lastly, ice down the spot of injury and store any found shards in a glass of milk overnight, or until your appointment with us.


In the event a tooth is dislodged or knocked out of the mouth- following many of the same steps as above is the way to go. Locate the tooth first, then wash it gently and store it in milk until your appointment. If we can see you right away, we may suggest you try putting the tooth back in the socket from which it came. If you are not feeling “brave” enough to attempt this- do not fret, the milk will do in the interim.


Again- for any more serious dental injury, please head to a nearby hospital and/or call an ambulance right away.


Otherwise, call our Noblesville dental office if you are seeking our emergency dental services.


You can do so by dialing (317) 773-1302.




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