Fishers Dentist with Mouthwash FAQ

While mouthwash is not as crucial a part of your everyday oral health regimen as brushing and flossing are, it still can have huge benefits for your mouth. And with all the different varieties of mouthwash on the market, your Fishers dentist constantly is asked questions concerning the differences.


For the benefit of all of our patients alike, today we have compiled answers to three of the most commonly asked mouthwash related questions for you to review!


Are All Mouthwashes The Same?

As previously alluded to, the mouthwash market is now more saturated than ever before. Your Fishers dentist remembers when it used to be just a choice between yellow and blue…now it is a whole lot more. A mouthwash that helps in whitening the teeth, or eliminates a certain level of bacteria or even helps with your dry mouth are all available at your local drug store. With that said, all of these different formulas include different ingredients that may or may not be beneficial to you and your specific needs. The best way of knowing is to review a new mouthwash idea with your Fishers dentist before purchase.


Does Mouthwash Cure Bad Breath?

Unfortunately, no, it does not cure it- it covers it up more. Bad breath can stem from a long list of factors, ranging from the onions you ate to allergies and sickness, so mouthwash cannot cure all of these issues. By adding mouthwash your daily brushing and flossing regimen it can definitely help lessen the likelihood of bad breath incidents, but it is not an end-all by any means.


Can I Brush Less When Using Mouthwash?

As mentioned above, mouthwash should be used alongside your regular oral health regimen, but can’t replace it or any particular aspect of it. You can reduce extra bacteria in the mouth and loosen up stuck particles by using mouthwash at least once a day, but should always remember to brush and floss as well!


If you have a mouthwash question that was not answered above, please call us today to schedule an appointment with your Fishers dentist at (317) 773- 1302.




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