Carmel Dentist Office with Dietary Do-Gooders

Since the dawn of teeth, people have strived for their mouths to look the best that they possibly could. To keep up with that idea in recent years, whitening has become more and more of a focus on the aesthetic aspect of oral health. Patients constantly see celebrities and more with the most pearly of whites that just cannot be the way they have been their whole life, but what is their secret? Well, besides a slew of whitening options available from your Carmel dentist office and less-effective over the counter methods, your diet plays a huge role in your smile’s brightness. Today we have some information on foods you can add to your diet and how they can give you your most vibrant smile ever.


Your parents always told you to eat your fruits and veggies, and for a good reason. Vegetables that you may have tried to hide at the dinner table, such as broccoli and carrots, can actually protect enamel by giving your mouth a boost of necessary vitamins, and help polish the teeth if eaten raw. On the sweeter side of things, strawberries contain natural anti-oxidants, acids and enzymes that can help in preventing stains on the teeth from setting in. The little seeds on the outside can also help give the teeth a scrubbing and remove some stains as well. Apples, however, seem to take the cake as far as these fruits and vegetables go. Apples can help destroy oral bacteria, whiten the teeth and strengthen the gums in every bite. They have a high water content as well, so act almost as an “artificial saliva” that not only washes away their inherent sugars, but any other particles that may be stuck in the mouth.


Calcium is another vitamin we were always taught that was good for our teeth. By eating and drinking calcium-rich items such as chicken, cheese and milk, we provide our enamel extra protection to help keep away stains and decay from attacking the teeth. Nuts, such as almonds, also deliver a great vitamin boost to the mouth, and like the strawberry seeds, can help polish teeth a bit as well.


By maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and a regular at-home brushing and flossing regimen, your teeth can keep their pearly white nature for years to come.


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