Fishers area Dentist Discusses Nuts and Your Dental Health

We’ve been through the good and bad foods for your dental health numerous times. You know that you need lots of fibrous fruits and vegetables to invest in your teeth’s strength. Did you know that nuts are equally crucial to strong teeth? That’s because they contain calcium, phosphate and magnesium. These are all elements that protect your smile and give you the pearly whites you are hoping for.
Minerals Needed
Calcium is an essential element of your bone health, which includes your teeth. We already know that calcium is found in many dairy products such as yogurt, milk and cheese. It’s also a significant component of most nuts. Calcium has been proven to be effective at lowering your chance of tooth loss, so it’s essential to get your daily intake.
Magnesium is also important. It helps to form the teeth and bones, plus is necessary for absorbing calcium. If you are getting calcium, but not enough magnesium, you aren’t utilizing the calcium properly and won’t reap the benefits.
Phosphate is another mineral that helps your body absorb calcium. Your saliva contains phosphate ions and calcium, both which keep you protected from dangerous bacteria.
What Nuts Should I Eat?
If you want to use nuts to get these beneficial nutrients in your diet, there are plenty that are great to choose from. In fact, they provide a healthy, sugar-free, protein-packed snack that gives you energy as well. 
Choose from:
Brazil nuts
Macadamia nuts
Pine nuts
Eating nuts provides you with the healthy fats your body craves which also helps to reduce cravings. If you are feeling hungry for a snack, you should reach for a handful of nuts first. Not only will it benefit your teeth, but it might also curb your hunger.
Make eating nuts a regular part of your daily routine paired with brushing and flossing. With this combination, you offer yourself the best chances of having a healthy mouth. If you have further questions about dental healthy foods, be sure to speak with your Fishers area dentist at your next appointment.