Carmel Dentist Office Discusses Dental Issues that Seniors May Face


Your teeth have been working hard since they arrived and will continue to do so throughout your lifetime. But it’s important to understand that, as you get older, so do your teeth. Their structure and health may not be as strong and sturdy as they once were, so proper maintenance is the key to having a bright smile! Your Carmel dentist office wants to stress the importance of oral care as an older adult and what oral and dental health problems can occur.


Darkened Teeth
This is a common occurrence for older patients simply due to aging. From a lifetime of wear and tear, the surface of your teeth (enamel) is much weaker than it used to be. The layer could be thinning, causing exposure of the dentin (center of each tooth) to show through. Without proper care, like brushing, flossing, and keeping up with bi-annual check-ups, this can easily lead to a darker color that shows on your teeth.


Dry Mouth
Dry mouth is one of the side effects to many medications. Older patients are more likely to take a larger number of medications than younger ones, which means that dry mouth could be a persistent issue that they deal with on a daily basis. When you’re experiencing dry mouth, your saliva isn’t being properly stimulated, so it gives you an uncomfortable feeling in your mouth. The minerals in your saliva also work to protect and strengthen your enamel, so if you’re not producing enough saliva, this can also affect your smile.


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