Snacking Can be Fun, but Dangerous—Learn to Snack Right from Your Carmel Dentist Office


Snacking can be extremely enjoyable, especially since it feels like something you shouldn’t be doing, so it can be sneaky! The reason for this feeling is because people are usually eating something that they shouldn’t be or they know isn’t good for them, so that exhilaration runs through their veins. Unfortunately, some people make a habit of this, and it can cause more damage to their oral health than they may know. Your near Carmel dentist office, Noblesville Family Dentistry, wants you to know what quick foods won’t damage your teeth so you can continue to snack, but snack smart.


Fresh fruits and vegetables are the most popular and welcomed type of snacks that there is. If you want that fruity taste, don’t buy gummy fruit snacks—get the real stuff! They’re just as convenient to carry around, they’re easy to snack on, and your teeth will only be thanking you. Crunchy fruits like apples and pears are recommended because they hold a lot of water and protect your teeth from bacteria, much like crunchy vegetables like celery and carrots. If you’re tempted, pair your fruits with a low-fat yogurt or your veggies with a low-fat dressing to dip in.


Speaking of low-fat yogurt, this in itself can be a delicious and healthy snack! They’re also easy to carry around since they’re usually sold in individual yogurt cups. If you want to add more, then fresh fruit and nuts are a great addition! This adds more flavor to your snacks, along with giving you multiple other dental benefits from extra snacks.


If you’re interested in other dairy products and yogurt just isn’t your thing, then think cheesy. That’s right, cheese is delicious and a beneficial snack! It helps give calcium to your teeth and evens out any acidity that may be lingering in your mouth from another meal or snack. This is why cheese is usually paired with wine, which holds a large amount of acidity in each sip.


There are other snacks that you can substitute for your chips and chocolates so your teeth won’t be suffering from any damage. To learn more, contact your near Carmel dentist office, Noblesville Family Dentistry, by calling this number (317) 773-1302 or clicking here to schedule an appointment to make sure your teeth are in top shape!




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