Want to Know The Truth about Dental Implants? Let's Talk!


Did you know that, only about 100 years ago, as many as one in two adults was toothless? To be toothless didn't really raise any eyebrows because tooth loss was something that most people expected at some point during their adult life. Oh, how far we have come! Today, adults are not only keeping their natural teeth much  longer than their ancestors, but they are also able to find outstanding ways to restore their smile in the event that they do need to replace teeth. Here, your Fishers dentist will separate fact from fiction as it relates to dental implant treatment.


Fiction: Implants are too expensive.


Fact: It is all in how you look at it. When you look at the initial cost of dental implants versus, say, dentures, you might believe this piece of fiction. To understand the value of your investment into dental implants, you have to look into the future. Were you to choose dentures to replace missing teeth, this fixture would need to be replaced at least a few times during your lifetime. It would need to be relined several more. When you replace missing roots with implants, and missing teeth with the appropriate appliance, very little needs to be done to support oral health from that point on.


Fiction: Implants are not proven.


Fact: Looking at the rich history of dentistry, you could say that dental implant treatment is the new kid on the block. However, this method of restorative care has actually been studied over the past 6 decades! Alongside all of this research and development, there have been innumerable clinical cases that have proven the 95% success rate of dental implants.


Fiction: Implant treatment is risky and painful.


Fact: Judging by the 95% rate of implant treatment, the idea that treatment is risky is quickly mitigated. The procedure itself is carefully planned, as well, in order to accurately identify the optimal placement of each tiny post. Like any other dental treatment, we focus on patient comfort with the use of local anesthetic, and post-surgical discomfort is generally manageable with over-the-counter medication. In most situations, patients are able to get back to normal activities the next day.

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