Fishers Dentist shares Simple home remedies for toothache relief

‘OUCH!’ OOOH!! A toothache! Invariably, it always occurs at the most inopportune time; in the middle of the night when your dentist is catching a few well earned ZZZ’s from his daily routine in the never-ending battle of tooth decay. Tooth pain also usually comes about just when dentists and pharmacies are closed for the weekend. Do not minimize tooth pain by self-diagnosis. As soon as possible you should call your Fishers Dentist to make an appointment. Until that time you can see your Fishers dentist there are some simple home remedies that will permit you to rest comfortably with some remedies found as close as your everyday food pantry or refrigerator.


- The most simple and most used home remedy is the swishing of lukewarm salty water in mouth. A good mix is ½ a teaspoon table salt to 8 oz. glass of water. Spit out; do not swallow.  Repeat as needed.


- Try brushing and flossing gently around the sore tooth to remove any food particles that may be stuck there.


- Of course, you can always use the over-the-counter pain relievers. Acetaminophen for children (Tylenol) and for adults ibuprophen (Advil or Motrin to name two) Do not put aspirin directly on tooth or gums as it can harm the inside of mouth.


- Try some garlic! These cloves release allicin, a natural disease fighter. Chew a piece of garlic or place bits on your tooth to relieve pain.


- Eat a raw onion. Onions contain antiseptic and antimicrobial properties to kill germs causing any infection.


- If your cheek is or looks swollen put an ice pack to it. Hold it for 15 minutes, take it off, repeat process as needed to numb the nerves and bring pain relief. Swelling is serious and could be an indication of abscessed tooth or infection in your jaw. As soon as you can, get to the dentist!


When in doubt let your experienced Fishers Dentist tell you what it is all about! These home remedies are only a temporary solution until you can get to your Fishers dentist or the emergency room in hospital.