Carmel Dentist Discusses Brace Alternatives


While braces are the most common procedure to straighten your teeth, some patients report discomfort (or have heard about discomfort) and are curious about alternative options.  If you are searching for a brace-free way to straighten your teeth, here are some ideas:


·         Use fixed retainers or bonded lingual retainers

Fixed retainers are attached to the inside part surface of the teeth with a dental cement to prevent them from moving. By using this kind of retainer, it can straighten your teeth and, at the same time, can correct some bite problems. However, if you use fixed retainers, you can’t remove it yourself. You need to visit your dentist or orthodontist to disconnect it.


·         Use removable retainers

As the name implies, this kind of retainers is detachable, but it can be costly. Even though it effectively aids your teeth alignment, many patients report lost retainers. 


·         Headgears

Headgears are used mostly by children because they have overbite tendencies. Headgears put pressure on the upper teeth and the jaw, and they are worn for a specific number of hours every day.


·         Palatal Expander

This is used when a child’s upper jaw is too small for all the permanent tooth to fit in. The orthodontist places this on the arch of the upper teeth so that the spaces can expand. The spaces then make the teeth go naturally to their rightful positions. The palatal expander is attached using dental cement on the upper portion of the molars, and your orthodontist uses a key for the screw in the center. You would feel pressure on your upper right half and left half part of the jaw. Putting these is very uncomfortable, especially when it’s adjusted. You might even feel a little pain in your mouth.