Carmel Dentist Office on Toothbrush Maintenance

One of the most beneficial and easiest ways that our patients can prevent tooth decay and other oral health related issues is by brushing twice daily, for at least two minutes per session. Of course the fundamental tool at the center of this regimen is your toothbrush. As a Carmel dentist office, we have unfortunately seen the results of both poor brushing habits, as well as what not taking care of the brush can do to our patients too. In the following blog we will discuss proper maintenance and storage of the most essential element to your daily oral health routine.


Bacteria love to be sneaky, hide and stick around places they shouldn’t. As a result, a first, essential step to be taken is to wash and rub the bristles of the brush out with hot water and a steady finger. This kinetic flow of H20 and force of your fingertips is sure to wipe away any lingering bacteria that may have stuck around in your brush, and should be done before and after brushing.


Following your two minutes of scrubbing, storage is an essential next element in maintenance. Ensure that your brush is placed upright in a holder that allows for plenty of airflow and ventilation around the head. By placing any little lids or hats on the head of the brush, you could be providing bacteria with a tighter space to repopulate. Make sure the bristles are not making contact with anyone else’s brush or any other surfaces, and that if the holder has a closed bottom- that it is cleaned out frequently as well. These steps will help protect your brush from cross or re-contamination by the very same bacteria you are trying to eliminate in the first place.


Lastly, when it comes to the relationship you have with your brush- you have to sometimes know when to say goodbye. The quality of your brushings will ultimately lead to the quality of the health of your teeth, and all can stem from the integrity of the brush. The bristles will start to see enough “wear and tear” in just over a month of usage, but to ensure the utmost quality and cleanliness- you should replace your brush every 3 to 4 months.


By following these maintenance and storage steps you can set you and your teeth up for great things in the future. Please call our Carmel dentist office to learn more about the importance of brushing or to schedule an appointment, by calling (317) 773-1302.




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