Carmel Dentist Office on Teeth Grinding

The act of grinding ones teeth, or dealing with the events that lead to this behavior, are never pleasant. Most patients we see at our Carmel dentist office that suffer from a condition called bruxism, chronic grinding of the teeth, participate in this behavior subconsciously to sort of “wear away” the stress of the day. Below you will find some signs, results and cures to the grinding menace known as bruxism.


As mentioned above, many patients are not even completely aware that they are partaking in the grinding of their teeth day to day. Though a relative or partner may have heard this occurring while you sleep, there are other ways you can tell yourself. If you look in the mirror and see your teeth look worn or smaller than usual, and/or your jaw has a new “click” or “pop” to it when you open or shut- you could be grinding your teeth and not even know it.


The damage that can result from this condition going untreated can be tremendous. At the most basic level, by grinding you are losing chewing surface for your teeth, making eating much more difficult. It can eventually lead to cracked or loosened teeth, resulting in decay being able to sneak into certain areas and cause cavities or periodontal issues. The sheer power that your TMJ (muscle and joint that controls the jaw) is exerting can also cause jaw and face pain, chronic headaches, as well as partial reconfigurations of the jaw area.


With all this detriment that can result, there is at least some relief in knowing there are forms of treatment to solve or reduce bruxism.


The most common “cure” is to wear a night time mouth guard while sleeping. These reduce the damage that can be done by the jaw when you are most susceptible and least aware of it occurring. Other sorts of behavioral modifications, mouth exercises and training is available to teach the mouth new ways to operate and cope without grinding away.


Overall, bruxism can be a burden, but is something your Carmel dentist office has dealt with and will deal with again. If you have questions concerning teeth grinding or wish to make an appointment to address your own struggles with bruxism- call (317) 773-1302 today.





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