Carmel Dentist Office On Dental Definition

Nothing can be worse than having a conversation be “lost in translation.” That is one of the main reasons the team of your Carmel dentist office puts so much emphasis on patient education. Even though we’re not speaking another language entirely by using medical terms, sometimes, well, it can surely seem like it.


When discussing treatment options, at-home care techniques and more- we have had the occasional “complex” or “technical” dental term work its way into a conversation, leaving a patient with the “what?” look on their face. We hope you know we would never use terms you aren’t familiar with to make you uncomfortable or to lose you on purpose. It’s just when you’re surrounded by something for so many years, it becomes second nature…part of your vernacular. Just like if you are a chef, you may certain cooking techniques in casual conversation that we have no idea about. So on, so forth.


We do ask if we ever leave you wondering what we are discussing, to question us about it! Making sure there are no question marks left floating when you leave is our goal- but we know it is not always guaranteed. To review some rather common terminology on your own time, you can head to the following Dental Glossary: Click Here for More.


At the end of the day, even if you don’t know your “temporomandibular” from your “occlusal surface”- scheduling regular appointments with our Carmel dentist office is a must. Call Noblesville Family Dentistry today at (317) 773-1302 to schedule your next visit! 




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