Carmel Dentist Office on Appointment Prep

No matter if your upcoming visit to our Carmel dentist office is your first ever or your first in a very long time…preparation is key. We find that although we do our best to cover all bases with every single patient, addressing their individual needs, many patients end up leaving with a question they forgot to ask or some other concern.


For that very reason, our Carmel dentist office has provided you with some of the best tips to follow for a successful visit:


Get Forms Ready

Your medical history and patient information forms are essential in not only letting us get to know you and your past but in establishing treatments for the future. Many times patients will overlook details in filling out these forms, only to remember them after the fact. If you have any worries about filling these forms out and want the time needed ahead of your appointment to make sure they are as accurate as can be, simply contact us to have our Carmel dentist office email or fax you a copy to complete at home!


Make Lists

As alluded to above, Dr. Johnston and our entire staff is here to answer all of your questions as thoroughly as possible at your appointment. Unfortunately, sometimes major questions or concerns we have can slip our minds when actually AT the appointment. If you have any pressing issues for the doctor, make sure to write down a list before your appointment so that you remember specifically what you wanted to cover now, not later.


Schedule Your Follow-Up

It may seem soon to some, but one of the best ways of preparing for your next appointment is to book the date for it as you are on your way out our office door. We find that most patients that schedule a follow-up or next appointment with us well ahead of time are more likely to actually keep the date when it rolls around.


We hope these ideas and tips may help you when planning your next appointment at our Carmel dentist office. To schedule, just give us a call today at (317) 773-1302. We look forward to seeing you soon!




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