Your Fishers Dentist Want the Best for You and Your Teeth


There are hundreds of myths floating around about what’s good for your teeth, what’s bad, and everything in between. But some of those “myths” are actually true and can help enhance your oral health in the long run. Here are some tips from your Fishers dentist that will benefit you more than you know!
Babies Need to See the Dentist, Too!
While it may be surprising that newborn children need to go to the dentist, their mouths are more sensitive than you would think. Since they’re just starting to build up strength in their gums and teeth, it can be easy to harm them. So if you put your baby to bed with a bottle because you believe that’s the only way it’ll sleep for the night, cut that out! The liquid from the bottle puts the baby at risk for tooth decay because the liquid coating their mouths doesn’t give them the chance to strengthen their teeth. They soften, which makes them weaker and harder to grow.
Don’t Brush Your Teeth Immediately After Eating/Drinking
If you feel guilty eating that chocolate bar or having a few too many chips and hurriedly feel the need to brush your teeth, hold off for at least an hour. Since the minerals that protect your teeth have been broken down, your teeth and gums are very sensitive. While the fluoride in toothpaste helps rebuild those minerals, the toothbrush itself is doing harm to your enamel because of its softened state. If your teeth still have that gritty, uncomfortable feeling after a snack, rinse your mouth out with water to wash away what you can and wait to brush your teeth.
Don’t Do a Sympathy Floss Right before Your Appointment
If anything, you’ll only be doing more damage to your teeth! Your dentist can tell when you’ve flossed days before your appointment and since they’ll be doing the cleaning, it’ll make it hurt more! If you’re truly serious about flossing (which you should be), keep up with your flossing before and after your appointment.
Don’t Wait or Hold Off Going to the Dentist until Something’s Wrong
Sometimes, something may be wrong with your teeth or gums without you knowing it. The pain doesn’t always arise immediately, so keep up with your bi-annual appointments or else it could be too late!
If there are other myths that you’re not sure about, call this number to reach your Noblesville dental office at (317) 773-1302 or make an appointment with your Fishers Dentist so you can nip those rumors in the bud.