Fishers Dentist on Brightening Behaviors

Teeth whitening is hands down one of the most popular cosmetic dental services that your Fishers dentist performs. And while our practice offers both in-office and at-home teeth whitening solutions for your convenience, a majority of patients ask about what else they can do to reclaim or keep a whiter smile, naturally. Today we have provided a list of some of the top ways to get a brighter smile you will love.


5) Quit It: By participating in habits like smoking or drinking regularly, you can be staining the teeth with nicotine, tar and dark pigments. These vices also have a terrible means of dehydrating the mouth, which can prevent saliva from performing its natural function of protecting the mouth.


4) Less Sugar: Overtime foods and beverages rich in sugar can do terrible damage to your teeth via cavities, disease and more. They even can help contribute in staining the teeth by wearing away the enamel, leaving the teeth more susceptible to darkening or yellowing.


3) More Fruits and Veggies: By adding healthier options, such as fruits and vegetables to your diet, you can get a variety of mouth healthy vitamins and nutrients. Not only can these help protect the enamel and integrity of your teeth, but many more fibrous options, such as broccoli, can even help scrub and polish the teeth naturally.


2) Go H20: Water is a pillar for which all human life leans on…and that does not differ when it comes to mouth health. As alluded to above, dehydration can cause serious issues in the mouth, which water can help battle. Wash away lingering particles and bacteria, while keeping your mouth’s natural defense, saliva, in full force by drinking plenty of water.


1) At-Home Regimen: By brushing twice and flossing once daily, alongside all of the above suggestions, you are participating in all the preventative measures you can for your oral health. Not only will this help brighten your smile cosmetically, but it will keep your smile strong for years to come.


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