Fishers Dentist on Stopping the Ache

Teeth sensitivity is one of the most commonly complained about oral health issues your Fishers dentist discusses with patients. And although sometimes temporary states of sensitivity can be heightened by certain procedures such as teeth whitening, a long-term struggle with this pain can usually be tied to dietary decisions made by the patient.


Triggers often associated with this shooting mouth ache include hot, cold, sweet or acidic food and beverages. How this pain develops is by having these substances react directly with the nerve at the center of the teeth. This nerve exposure becomes possible by a wearing of the enamel over time due to acidic and sugary dietary choices, leaving microscopic holes in the teeth that go to the core. It is safe to say that many who suffer from a cold glass of soda or a hot cup of coffee got to that level of erosion because of those very same dietary choices and their detrimental dental effect over time.


But what about all of the products available in the pharmacy that stop or treat tooth sensitivity? Although the variety of these mouthwashes, toothpaste and gels may be great, their overall ability to stop the pain may not be. They all include some sort of numbing solution in their make-up that allows for a temporary relief, but does not address the bottom line cause of your sensitivity.


While there may not be a great amount of ways to reverse the damage that lead to teeth sensitivity, new options are being worked on daily, and all can be discussed with your Fishers dentist. If you have not yet had to endure the bane of sensitive teeth, keeping a healthy diet with less sugary and acidic substances can definitely go a long way.


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