Revive Your Smile to Further Your Career


Historically, career success was based more in an extensive resume or good old-fashioned work ethic than anything else. In the past several years, workers are reporting a shift in what matters to employers; and employers themselves are not denying this. Whether you are heading into the workforce for the first time after college graduation, are changing your career path, or just want to make the most of your professional success, you have reason to visit our Carmel dental office for a smile makeover.


Here's what an attractive smile conveys:


  • Intelligence. According to a Kelton Research study conducted for Invisalign, the straightness of teeth can make a significant difference in the hiring process. Results of this study demonstrated 45 percent greater likelihood of landing a job when teeth are nice and straight.
  • Youth. This is probably the perception that makes the most sense. If you look at a person with stained teeth, you inherently consider them older. When it comes to career success, there is an unspoken correlation between white teeth and youth; between youth and more motivation to succeed professionally.
  • Wealth. In a Kelton study, participants who compared images of beautiful smiles and those who needed some work to correct discoloration, chips, and other problems were 58% more likely to perceive a person with good teeth as wealthy.
  • Health. Participants in the Kelton study were 47% more likely to assume that people with straight, attractive teeth were healthy.
  • Trustworthiness. This is an important aspect of professional - and personal - success! In order to move on up the ladder, or to build a business, people must feel comfortable putting their trust in you to get things done. According to research, 73% of us are more likely to feel trusting of a person with an attractive smile; even more so than of someone who drives a nice car or dresses well.


It is interesting to learn just how valuable an attractive smile is. It can be a relief to discover just how easy it can be to correct flaws such as dullness or discoloration, gaps, chips, and missing teeth. Patients of Noblesville Family Dentistry have a comfortable, friendly environment in which they can discuss their concerns, and their expectations of restorative or cosmetic dental care. To begin your smile transformation, call (317) 773-1302.