Breaking Down the Break Down of Food & Drink with Your Fishers Dentist


The number of people, both children and adults, which are still getting cavities in 2015, is extremely high, but many people don’t understand why this is happening. Adults may be eating less junk food, if at all, and encouraging their children to do the same, but when they go to the dentist, they learn of their dental caries. Your Fishers Dentist wants you to know what you can do to avoid this dilemma.


While cutting out candy from your diet is beneficial for many things including your teeth, one thing that people are forgetting is the acid that’s in a lot of foods and drinks. There are drinks like orange juice, tea, coffee, and diet soda that do more damage than patients may think, especially because some of those things are supposed to be good for you.


One of the best, and easiest, solutions that can reduce cavities is drinking water! While water is good for your general health because there’s no additional sugar or calories, water is great for your oral health as well for the minimal amount of fluoride that’s in it. Fluoride is a main ingredient in toothpaste that helps kill the bacteria in your mouth from any food or drinks you’ve had.


By drinking water, you’re also contributing to the help of your saliva. Its main function (or one of them) is to bathe your teeth and essentially rinse your mouth out for you. Drinks like alcohol cause your mouth to be extremely dry, which is why some servers or bartenders will suggest you have a glass on the side with your cocktail.


The acidity of foods and drinks break down your tooth enamel, which makes it easier for cavities to occur. If you have any questions about how to avoiding cavities including your diet or other concerns, contact your Fishers dentist at (317) 773-1302 or schedule to make an appointment here today!




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