When a Tooth Gets Moved from Its Position

Injuries can cause a tooth to get moved from its position. While it hasn’t been knocked completely out, it is still important for you to seek medical attention. Here’s what you need to know.
Permanent Tooth
There are a number of ways that a permanent tooth can get knocked out of place. Some of these include:
Tooth driven into the jaw
Tooth that was extruded partially from the jaw
Fractured root
Tooth that has been pushed out of alignment
A trip to the emergency room is not needed in these circumstances, but you need to get a hold of your dentist immediately. The sooner you receive treatment, the better your chances are for a successful outcome. 
Here are some things the dentist might do to correct the problem:
1. Freeze (numb) the tooth
2. Move them back into place
3. Splint them for stability
Splinting teeth is an important element to dealing with root fractures, extrusions and intrusions. The longer a tooth is left to be out of alignment, the harder it becomes to move back. That’s because a blood clot can form in the socket. If you are suffering from a severely intruded tooth, you might need an extraction due to bone damage. 
Splinting involves joining the loose teeth together to stabilize them. The splint might need to stay in place anywhere from 10 days to 3 months depending on the severity of the problem.
Primary Tooth
When you face a baby tooth injury, you need to deal with it much in the same way. First, you can expect to see some bleeding and pain from the child. They may also have trouble biting or closing the teeth together. No matter what the symptoms, any time a tooth is knocked loose, you should contact your dentist immediately.
Most children suffer from a tooth injury from falling or playing. While it might seem scary, it is normally treatable in the same way as an adult’s tooth. The dentist will apply an anesthetic and move the teeth back in place. They will also be given pain medicine for any discomfort they might feel as a result.
Anytime a tooth is knocked loose, it can be a scary time. You don’t need to panic as most of them can easily be fixed. Simply remain calm and call your Fishers area dentist at (317) 773-1302.