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No matter the issue, there are always seems to be at least two, often more, sides of an argument. From personal squabbles to professional debates, points of view can often clash, even if they have some of similar basis in theory and end goal. With that in mind, today your Noblesville dental office will be discussing a “hot topic” amongst the dental field concerning flossing: Should it be done before, or after brushing?


Let us take the before stance first. This behavior is typically engaged in by patients who, in general, seem to like to take on the “hard” or “difficult” issues head on. By getting the more (seemingly) tedious task of flossing done ahead of time, brushing can be seen as a more easy practice and focused on with less stress. These are probably the same folks who did their super-hard calculus homework before their more basic class assignments- but passed both with A’s. Not to mention, from a sheer physical standpoint- flossing before brushing could loosen up some build-up between the teeth and at the gums that brushing could then sweep away more efficiently.


Favoritism for the “after stance” take much of the above “tedious things” attitude, but switch it around a bit. They believe that if you floss before, sure you got the hard work done first, but, as a result, the brushing could suffer. The patient may have used up all their tolerance and effort on this flossing, but seeing that brushing is as important a follow-up step, if it is not done thoroughly- it doesn’t benefit anyone. In a metaphorical attempt, in this case, brushing can be seen as an “oral health regimen warm up game” of sorts. You may put forth a ton of effort in a pre-match game, but when the official second step, or official game (flossing) comes- you excel…only slowing down after both are complete. Again, from a physical standpoint- flossing after brushing may help because it can move some of the leftover fluoride particles from your toothpaste through the gums and teeth more easily.


So when should you floss? Well, once daily- in cooperation with your brushing. There is, unfortunately, no hard scientific evidence on which one is “better” for you, so just make sure you are doing it daily to see the benefits overall.


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