Your Fishers Dentist Explains why your dentist needs you

It is important to see your Fishers dentist twice a year for examination and thorough cleaning of the teeth by a professional dental hygienist or the dentist himself. It should also be understood that this doctor/patient relationship is not one sided. Your dentist needs you as much as you need them. Yes, this is truth.
Below, your Fishers Dentist shares some of the reasons as to why your dentist needs you: 

Your dentist needs you because:

1.   When you make your regular appointments and you confide in what is troubling you about any aspect of your mouth, you show your Fishers dentist and his team trust. All medical professionals need to know their patients trust them.
2.  When you make the visits consistent, your dentist can follow-up on prior issues and check on progress.
3.  When you keep in touch with your dentist, the dentist can keep you informed of new techniques he or she has learned in the care and treatment of teeth. The life of a dental professional is always a continual learning experience and since they love their chosen profession they want to teach their patients what they learned in keeping the teeth whiter, the gums pinker, and the mouth healthier.
4.   Coming regularly may eliminate the need for taking frequent x-rays which will provide more cost-effective care.
5.   Your dentist needs you to come regularly so his or her staff: the receptionist, dental technician,
and hygienist know best how to serve your needs. The staff learns your likes and dislikes of how they should treat you when they see you regularly. (all the staff comes to know your personality) They come to know ‘your life’ a bit and with that, if stress is present they look for how that stress might be effecting the mouth. (it does!)  
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