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Dental Cleanings

Pearly whites and healthy smiles start here.

By coming into our office for regular six-month cleanings, you're setting yourself up for outstanding oral hygiene over the long-term. Cleanings are generally painless, and we promise to help you relax as much as possible while we work on your oral health.

A routine cleaning consists of two easy steps and typically lasts from 30 to 60 minutes. We start by gently eliminating any tartar buildup from the teeth using a hand tool or ultrasonic device to get them into a fresh and squeaky-clean state. Then, we'll floss and polish your teeth, completing your cleaning with a fluoride treatment. Occasionally, the dentist may apply a sealant to your molars to protect them from decay as well. After this, your smile will be in great shape.

Caring for your smile is a form of self-care and we're here to make it easy. Contact us today and we'll schedule your next cleaning so that you can enjoy optimal wellness and peace of mind.

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